You set out to change the world and the world ends up changing you.

In 2009, I found myself with a camera and a passion for entrepreneurship. 

I went on to graduate college with a degree in Music, but still found myself drawn to the seemingly endless possibilities of a career in storytelling.

From there, I never looked back.

For the next five years, I ran a portrait and wedding photography studio - traveling to some of the most gorgeous places my camera could take me.

That all changed when I realized that the same stories I was telling for individuals needed to be told for brands, on both a small and large scale, worldwide.

Since then, I have worked to provide top-tier storytelling through bespoke brands and engaging web presences to brands and businesses of all sizes.

My husband and I reside in Mid-Missouri with our daughter & son, where in our spare time you can find us on the golf course 9 times out of 10.