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April 30, 2017


Would you believe me if I told you that Jordan texted me at 4:30pm telling me that he was planning to propose to Anna at 7:15pm THE SAME NIGHT? Welp! That’s exactly what happened. And before you think it’s no big deal, let’s just recap Jordan and Anna’s lives recently because these two will blow your socks off…

4/15: Jordan gives his senior recital, view the blog session here!

4/18: A play Anna wrote entitled “when i open my mouth” wins Event of the Year at Columbia College’s Night of Recognition

4/22: Jordan and Anna give their last music performance at Columbia College in the Music Department’s Opera Scenes

4/24: Jordan proposes to Anna! They’re engaged!

4/29: They graduate from Columbia College! Jordan is the first graduate from the Columbia College music program. Anna graduates with Distinction and is named a Presidential Scholar.

5/1: Anna leaves for Iceland for a month.

So now that you’re up to speed…. whew. These two have been running around like crazy people to make life happen, but the funny thing is, in that moment, I swear to you time stood still. I have never seen such a genuinely happy smile on Jordan’s face and I have never seen Anna’s heart swell like it did. These two are precious. Heck! They got engaged in the music building parking lot because it’s where Jordan asked Anna to be his girlfriend three years ago! *single tear falls down cheek*

Jordan and Anna, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You two share a beautiful love. I cannot wait for your wedding to get here! <3