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August 3, 2017


Lower Garden District. New Orleans. Louisiana.

Enter: Taylor and Andrew. These two gents took me around the area while I snapped a few pictures to celebrate their 3rd anniversary together. I would write about all the cute pieces of their apartment, or about their cat, Merlin, and their dog, Pinot. Or, I would write how happy I was to be back in one of my favorite places, Louisiana. Or, I would write about how in love they are and how all they do in live in the moment with one another, but, after the session when I sent over a few previews, Taylor took to Instagram to share this…

“3 years. A lot can happen in 3 years. 1 year long distance, 1 year short distance, 1 year living together, and somehow you still love me. You still reach out to me. You still put up with all my crazy. You’ve become my rock and the person who can always make me smile even if I’m mad at you. 3 years later and You’ve become someone I can’t imagine my life without. Thanks for everything, babe, and here’s to many more years to come.”

There’s no denying the love. Thank you, Taylor and Andrew, for sharing your home and your hearts!! <3 Love y’all to the moon and back.