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August 27, 2017


Miss Hanna Watson is too cute for words (as you can see) with such timeless style (as you can also see). Not only did we spend her entire session laughing and talking about all things Senior Year, I also had a chance to catch up with her sister, Hope, whom I used to play golf with!

Enjoy Hanna’s session and the beautiful backdrop that the town of Rocheport and Shelter Gardens always provide 🙂

This last photo warms my heart so much. Right as we were leaving, Hanna asked if she could take a one second video of us – her mom, her sister, and I – before we all went our separate ways. She went on to explain that every day, she takes a one second video from a part of her day that was either the most important part, or just really stuck out to her. I was so thankful to be featured in that second capture of her day 😉

Take a minute… or 6!.. to check out her compilation of all of the second-long videos from 2016 here.

You are such an awesome soul, Hanna!