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June 1, 2017


Nicole is an old friend of mine and has been an athlete as long as I’ve known her. I’ve photographed her family and done her graduation photos, so it was only fitting that we met at the track before she departed on her big girl adventures.

When I say that I get tired just looking at her, I mean it. This girl is crazy fit and she comes from a family that is crazy athletic. It’s awesome to know such a talented individual and get to collaborate with her. Below, you can read more about Nicole and the big plans her future holds <3

“I have been running since I was around 11 years old. I had been a competitive swimmer all my life and as I got older, I realized I wanted to be just like my dad, who while I was growing up, was always training for marathons. Seeing my dad run made me want to try it, and once I did, I fell in love with it. I have stuck with it ever since, and hope to continue running throughout life, whether competitively or just for leisure.”

“Growing up in such an athletic household, I would say being healthy and fit is more of a lifestyle than anything. Being an athletic person is great, but from a health standpoint, everyone should find something they love to do that gets them moving. Competing in sports is just something my sisters and family are use to, and has kind of been our way of life. To me, being healthy is a choice, and being able to compete competitively in a sport is a luxury. I am extremely grateful that I have been blessed with the ability to compete in such a high level of running and that it is something I truly enjoy doing.”

“I’m not sure I was “called to be a runner,” but I do think my sisters and I had a great opportunity to be athletes growing up. Both of my parents, especially my dad, set the bar high for us in regards to what our bodies were capable of and what our natural abilities were. Our background and upbringing made it easy to become involved in sports, but it’s the hard work and passion which I think make a great athlete.

Running has given me so many opportunities in life and has taught me so many valuable lessons which I wish everyone could experience and learn from.”

“My biggest highlight from college athletics would have to be qualifying for the NCAA Division 1 Cross Country National Championship as a team my senior year. Throughout high school, it was always a goal of mine to run at a collegiate level and to also compete at the national meet. Making it as a team my final season, and with such an awesome group of girls, was the best way I could have ended my collegiate cross country career.”

“From a running standpoint, I have an amazing opportunity to continue my running career, post collegiate, by competing for the Brazilian National Team in Track and Field. Ever since I started running, I joked with my dad about one day being able to represent our home country. Now, those jokes have become a reality and I can’t wait to represent my home country while doing what I love most (running).

When running settles down, I have a amazing job opportunity awaiting me in San Antonio… but that doesn’t mean I plan to stop running and hopefully competing in road races and some marathons!”

“Having the chance to compete in Brazil and being able to represent them at the same time means the world to me. I am still speechless that I have the opportunity to do so since it’s been such a lifelong dream of mine. After so many ups and downs in my career, I didn’t think it would be possible to one day run for Brazil and now that it is, I still can’t wrap my head around it.”

“Nothing brings me more pride or excitement knowing that I get to finally pursue my dream! No matter the results, I can’t wait to step out on the track.”

“Working with Laura is always a blast! She’s fun and professional, making the session as enjoyable as can be. What I love most about Laura is her honesty and her passion when it comes to photography. She has no problem telling me my pose looks funny, fixing my hair, lowering my chin, etc. which makes me trust her and shows she cares about how the pictures turn out. It is obvious she loves her job – she is always smiling and going above and beyond with ideas for how to capture the moment! 

I recommend the full session experience to everyone! You get every penny’s worth with Laura! She makes the session fun and I never have to worry about trying to get the perfect picture because she always gives me options and works so hard to make sure her clients are happy with the final products! She is great at what she does and is one of the only people I would trust to take pictures of me – and I am very picky.”

For everything that lies ahead – good luck!! You make everyone here in the ol’ CoMo very proud! Just remember all of us when you’re famous 😉