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June 6, 2017


The wait is finally over! I’m so happy to introduce Cameron Michael Hamby who was born on May 31st, 2017 at 3:03 in the afternoon <3

This family has become so near and dear to my heart as I watched them with their firstborn, Kendall, and was then honored to shoot Jacqueline’s maternity photos. Click here to see them! Their fun spirit and easy-going nature makes them great clients, but also good friends.

When Jacqueline texted me that their baby boy was coming soon, I could not wait to be in St. Louis with them to capture it! Sure enough, both her and Mike welcomed Baby Cameron and I was able to be there the next day for their Fresh48 session.

It was definitely too cute when Kendall came in to meet Cameron and hang out. She was more than willing to share all of her candy, but didn’t really have a big interest in sitting still 😉

Here’s to more squirmy big sis photos, peaceful afternoons during naptime, and a lifetime of adventure with these two. Congratulations, Jacq and Mike! And, welcome, Baby Cameron!!