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June 24, 2017


Baylee is such an incredibly sweet soul and I am SO thankful that she is part of the LRP&D Senior Rep Team! She has been such a joy to work with and I can honestly say she has just become a sweet friend <3

Below, you can read about Baylee’s senior experience!

I met Laura through an Instagram post that I was tagged in that read “Senior reps – apply here!” and I was thinking, “Sure, I’ll apply, but there’s no way I’ll get it.” Sure enough, I got an email that read,¬†“Congratulations!” I was a senior rep for Laura Rowe Photo & Design and I was ecstatic.

As we planned for my senior shoot, I had found the perfect place, Alpine Park and Gardens. When I first arrived there, I was greeted by two big bears (more like huge dogs), who didn’t mind jumping on me for some love. ūüėČ

After, Laura and I scoped the place out… all 40 acres of it!¬†There was sooo much potential,¬†lakes and greenery everywhere. We started in an open freshly cut grass area, surrounded by flowers and plants, with a beautiful sunset in the background. At first, I was a little nervous and felt a little awkward trying to hold my smile, but Laura was amazing and would make ridiculous noises so I would laugh – and then she kept telling me how good I looked and what a great job I was doing!¬†I have never felt more confident in myself.

Once I had changed outfits, we went to an old swing that was right in front of a lake.¬†I was able to be barefoot and swing while she took pictures of me, just being me. Once again, Laura never failed to make me laugh or “hype me up.” She would say things like “yeeeees girl!!!”, “keep doing what you’re doing!”, “OMG I love it!”, “You’re so gorgeou!s”, and that would just make me smile even bigger.

Now, comes my favorite part of the whole session. Water pictures. Laura had texted me that day and mentioned to bring a towel cause I might get wet and I really didn’t think much of it, but went ahead and still brought a towel.

We went down this rocky path to the lake where this horse fly would not leave me alone!!!! But, I did survive…¬†Anyways! I started walking into the water and we began with me standing in the water and eventually my whole body was emerged.

While in the water, there was a moment when I was spinning my hand in the water and looking down and the sunset was behind us. Laura couldn’t stop saying how amazing this pictures looked and in that moment, I felt so beautiful – on the inside and outside. I felt like a real model. I’ve had issues with my body for a long time and in that moment Laura made me feel beautiful and appreciated, which is something I don’t often feel.

I think if anyone ever gets the chance to be photographed by Laura Rowe, they should take it. She does an amazing job, not just with the camera, but in the way she makes you feel. -Baylee

Baylee, thank you so much for being yourself in front of my camera. You are simply beautiful in every way and I am SO GLAD that our paths crossed.