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June 27, 2017


It was a love so sweet and so pure that it didn’t require any of the “extras.”

There wasn’t a big dress, a long aisle to walk down, or even a pool of people standing on either side of them. They didn’t walk into the reception fist bumping to some upbeat tune, sit around for a slew of speeches, or display crazy colored lights from a DJ. They did show up with love in their hearts and the intention of forever and they did join each other in marriage in a way that was true and pure to them.

Hailey and Matt were married this past Friday in the Boone County Courthouse and then I was able to join them for an intimate couple’s session before their reception. These two were joyous and full of life –¬†which I now realize they totally get from their family!! It was really just a beautiful afternoon celebrating love – simple and honest love.

Just three weeks before, Hailey and Matt said no to a big wedding, Hailey said goodbye to her ballgown dress, and they planned the wedding they felt would truly honor their commitment to one another.

I loved this day so much and I am so thankful to have been a part of it! Hailey and Matt, enjoy your new life together; I’m glad I was able to be there for the very beginning of it <3


A big thank you to Hailey and Matt’s awesome vendors!

Ceremony Venue : Boone County Courthouse

Reception Venue : Les Bourgeois Vineyard / Winery

Portraits : Shelter Gardens & Rocheport, MO

Bride’s Dress : Francesca’s

Groom’s Attire : Express

Florals : Kent’s Floral Gallery

Engagement Setting : Shane Co.

Engagement Diamond : Buchroeder’s Jewelers

Engagement Band : Etsy

Catering : Hy-Vee

Beverages : Les Bourgeois Vineyard / Winery