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July 5, 2017


Who are these people saying senior sessions aren’t for boys?! Let me just say… every senior guy deserves a dedicated senior session. Gone are the days of awkward poses and smiles while your mom watches and snaps some of her own photos. I promise you that. Heck, for MOST of my guys, mom tags along and ends up with a job… like playing catch so a football can be thrown over my head – don’t try this at home 😉 But seriously! Senior gals aren’t the only ones that have accomplishments from high school they’d like to remember.

Cole is going to be a senior this fall at Lebanon High School in Lebanon, Missouri and aside from playing sports for his high school, he is also a very accomplished angler and fishes as often as he can. We wanted his senior session to be true to him and as laid back as possible. We were lucky enough that a family friend of theirs owns Mighty Oak Lodge, so we were able to take a majority of his photos on their property! Cole’s girlfriend, who is sweet as can be, also joined us for a few <3

I’m not sure why it came as a surprise to me, but while down at the pond, before I could even really grab my camera for some photos of him fishing, Cole had already caught himself a fish… he’s too good, I swear. We wrapped up photos at the lodge and then headed to a local bridge before ending up at Bennett Springs, a very popular fly fishing area with a fish hatchery attached!

All in all, we really just enjoyed the perfectly cool weather and just hanging out outdoors. Cole, I can’t wait for your next session! Enjoy, enjoy!


Thank you so much to the awesome Mighty Oak Lodge for letting us adventure out at your venue for some incredible photos!